I believe we live in an exciting time. A unique time in human history – we wield unimaginable power over nature yet have begun to gain glimpses of the equally unimaginable power within. This is a time where anything and everything could change in the blink of an eye based on the small choices that we as individuals make.  One of my passions is to re-read ancient text and one of my favorites is the Bhagavad Gita, a timeless text of wisdom from India and the foundation of Yoga as we know it. I was deeply moved by the following passage, a forward to the Gita that I am re-reading.

An excerpt from Andrew Harvey’s forward to Bhagavad Gita Annotated & Explained

I believe that the whole of humanity is now in the thick of a battle whose outcome will determine the fate of the planet. This battle is between those forces of Life that want to see us living in harmony with the creation, inspired by divine love, and so able to re-create our devastated world with the powers of the Divine itself, and the forces of death – of ignorance, pride and greed – that have brought us to the moment where we have almost destroyed Nature and polluted the world’s min and heart with violence and materialist vision of humanity. The destiny of this vision is so reductive that it threatens us all with despair and meaninglessness at a moment when hope and resolve are crucial. This tremendous battle is being fought out in every arena of our life – in politics, industry, the arts, the sciences, the universities, the media, and in the depths of all our psyches.

The signs are not encouraging. We have known about the progressive degradation of the environment for more than twenty years now, but almost nothing significant has

been done to counteract it. Two billion people are now living in poverty, yet our addiction to an economic system that thrives on such desolation continues unabated. Much of organized religion continues to be largely divisive, drunk on outmoded visions of exclusive truth, and wedded to a vision of the Divine that obsessively restricts transcendence at this moment when the entire immanent body of God-Nature is in mortal danger. The majority of modern seekers in the so-called New Age who pride themselves on participating in a  mystical renaissance are in fact largely trapped in a narcissistic coma, apolitical, unconcerned by and blind to the approaching potentially terminal tragedy of the destruction of nature.

Despair, however, is a luxury those who are growing awake in this darkness cannot afford; all those who see the extent of the potential danger and tragedy threatening humanity and nature are compelled to respond with the deepest of themselves. In the Bhagvad Gita, thos who long to know how to fight wisely for the future will find a handbook of spiritual warriorhood and divine realization that will constantly inspire and ennoble them and infuse them with divine truth and sacred passion.


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