I have been a student of yoga and meditation for over nine years. Have sought out the best teachers, I have been very fortunate to study with highly talented and accomplished yoga and zen meditation teachers. My experiences with Tai Chi, Qiqong, and Aikido have broadened and deepened my understanding of different meditation traditions. Both Tai Chi and Aikido have mindfulness practices at their core while Qiqong teaches subtle energy manipulation and bodily control over the nervous system. I have also recently completed a training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and I have over 140 hours in working and instructing people in these subjects.
I believe that meditation is a skills as well as a spiritual practice and as a skill, it should be taught to all. While our society is highly adapt at manipulating the material world and our scientific understanding of the world has brought us wonderful technology, our understanding of the human potential and the world of the mind is rudimentary, the greatest unexplored frontier. I wish to dedicate my life to the exploration and understanding of this vast untapped potential and teach it to others as a form of mental technology. The skills and benefits gained as a result of practicing meditation, consciousness expansion, and energetic self-development are numerous and far reaching. Looking within, we can discover that all beings are connected, and a universal understanding is felt that cannot be put into words, but projects outward, through us, into the world. Developing ourselves in this way, we can change the world around us and effect others in a profoundly deep way, spreading love, compassion, understanding, and mutual respect for all living beings.


Hi, my name is Vlad Moskovski. I was born in Russia,  lived in Israel, and grew up in the US in New Jersey before moving to Berkeley, California where I teach all aspects of yoga to homeless, youth, adults, and seniors. To view my personal website with a list of my weekly classes check out Yoga Muse.

I have had an interest in meditation and yoga for almost as long as I can remember. As a young child of 6 or 7, I remember having visions of a half nude skinny Indian man sitting on the beach in full lotus. This yogi, would frequently dive under water in search of pearls (I don’t know why pearls, but this is what I saw) and would be submerged for minutes at a time. I viewed yogis as exceptionally gifted and mystical people.

As an adult, I had the grace to discover Integral Yoga through an amazing spiritual being named Prema Spodzial. She was the kind of teacher that you could feel entering the room, even if she was 30 feet away from you. She radiated peace, joy, and love. I have studied with many amazing teachers and spent six intense months under the guidance of a Zen master, and yet my greatest teachers are the ancient masters of Yoga and Taoism through the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Tao Te Ching.

A Short Vignette About Me

Meditation is a skills as well as a spiritual practice. Frequent and extended practice of this skill can bring profound clarity, inner peace, and groundedness. While our society is highly adapt at manipulating the material and our scientific understanding of the world has brought us wonderful technology, our understanding of the human potential and the mind is rudimentary. The mind is the greatest unexplored frontier.

My first book, titled Road To Involution explores this frontier and offers insights and techniques to bring meditation into one’s daily life. The book is available through Amazon.com as a paper back or in electronic form for the kindle.

Projects I am involved with:

Compassionate Leaders: A Bay Area organization I founded in 2013 with the mission to ignite a new generation of compassionate teens to become change- makers to create a more just and sustainable world through local socially conscious community projects.

If you would like to contact me regarding any content on this website email me directly: vmoskovski (at) gmail dot) com


Vlad Moskovski