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The Path of Compassion

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DavidBreauxAn interview with David H. Beaux by Vlad Moskovski

A simple act can change a person, one word can turn your life inside out. David’s word is compassion and he has dedicated his life to understanding, embodying, and raising awareness about it. He stands on the corner of 3rd and C Streets in Davis, CA asking people for their definition of compassion. This is his story…   

Vlad: In the introduction to your book, you mentioned the motivation for this work, which I think you call “duty” being self-inquiry. Can you describe this journey and where it has lead you?

 I was in a state of discovering who I was at the time, this was probably at the beginning of 2008, I had separated from the person I was going out with and moved into a place of my own. I decided to spend as much time as need in order to delve into who I believed myself to be. I went to a well known college so I had always exercised my mind,  and I had always stayed in shape, ran marathons, biked so I had always exercised my body.

One day the question came up “how do I exercise my spirit?” I decided to start a quest to understand what that means. I came across a TED video, by Karen Armstrong about compassion. I got a pen and a pad and started writing down what compassion is, but I was dissatisfied with my definition. So I went around the community of Lake Merritt in Oakland to try to come up with a collective definition, and in doing so I found a tremendous purpose and fulfillment.

At the same time, I came across a John Francis talk about being an activist and taking action now. In early 2009 I came across the teachings of Peace Pilgrim, and I decided to relinquish a lot of the material goods that I had and the negative thought patterns that I was thinking.

I spent about three weeks in my studio. I laid on my back and with the exception of eating, food shopping and using the restroom and said, “I will stay here until I know what it is that this mind and body will do.” The questions that I was asking were always answered by “take a pen and note pad and ask people about compassion.”

I went through a series of very practical and impractical questions, “Where will this lead me? How can I earn a living doing this? Will I keep in shape?” The answer from that deep place, that small voice was always “take the notepad and ask people about compassion.” After those three weeks I trusted the voice I put all faith into that voice.

The transition was gradual, from leaving the conventional world of looking for work and wasting the day away doing irrelevant superfluous activities to living a life towards a duty with purpose. I moved to Davis in May 2009. And on June 3, 2009 went full force asking people about compassion.

I call that day my unofficial birthday, so I’m four and a half years old. I’ve come to know the true meaning of gratitude and grace. Living with simplicity. With a positive and righteous intent. That brings a tremendous amount of support from the universe and I’ve witnessed that and it continues to grow. It has grown into something I could not have foreseen.

On June 2 I was on the edge of a cliff, and I jumped off on June 3. It was a leap of faith that I took. Instead of falling I was caught.

kk smile cardVlad: How many people would you guess you talk to per day? How many over the years?

The moment I leave the house, I am talking with people. I am known in Davis, so people will wave, people will stop and talk. On average I’d say 20-25 people each day. At the corner where I stand, on average, I will have a rich conversation with 5-10 people. There is a phenomenon that happens – I’ve become a street therapist. People will come up, they know what is happening at the corner and so they seek some type of spiritual advice, relationship advice, career advice.

Over the years I’ve asked close to 20,000 people and I’ve received close to 10,000 responses.


Vlad: Standing out on the street day after day, do you ever get discouraged? Where do you find the courage and strength?

Yes, there are times when I am tired. Physically sleepy or tired. I rest. The place that I go to is within my heart. Whenever I feel anything less than, I always go to the goodness of it all. Whenever that happens, there is always reassurance or an event that pops up exactly when it is needed to let me know that what I am doing is a good thing. At the foundation, I quiet all that brain chatter and simply go back to my intent –  bringing an awareness to compassion by asking people to write their concept of it in a notebook. I always go back to that one statement.


compassion benchVlad: Is this possible because of your intention, demeanor, reputation?

It is all of the above. Primarily because of the place I was able to reach four years ago. And I remain in that awareness of that experience. There is a woman that made one of the bricks for a Peace on Earthbench that is at the corner where I stand. She had a brother who passed away. She put a letter to him and stuffed it into one of the bottle bricks for the Earthbench. That was at the end of May. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with someone and I noticed there was this woman carrying a bouquet of roses. She had come back to pay homage to her brother, leaving roses at the bench just as one would leave it at a headstone.

It is that connection, relation to oneself, and with other people that has helped create the energy that is present at the corner. People know that, and they come forward with various purposes to incorporate that into who they are and how they wish to feel at certain times during the day.

It has taken on the name “the corner”. There is a documentary in the making about it called “The Corner”.


Vlad: What is the most memorable act of compassion you have received, and given to another?

I’ll say the second one first, because I know that answer. Same event answers both questions. There is what I know, and what I don’t know.

There is a woman that comes up all the time, an elderly lady that has an aura of wisdom. She is losing her memory and she repeats the same thing over and over which is great because she reminds me of the impact that I am unaware of that I have on others. And she keeps saying that so it keeps reminding me. So the fact that she does not remember what she told is sort of great because it is a constant reminder. Sort of bitter sweet.

giving handsThis story is the first time I received a deeper awareness of the impact of my duty. It was January 14, 2010. It is 8 – 8:30 am, I am at the corner asking people. And there is a gentleman who is approaching me and he is someone who I have spoke to a few times. He had already shared his concept by writing in the book. That particular morning he was not carrying his usual work stuff. As he approaches me he says, “here give me the book.” Rarely do people assertively ask to receive the notebook. I rarely on occasion look to see what people write in order to separate the writing from the person.

So he wrote something and he is walking on. I glanced down to see what he wrote, “Today my Mother died. Mother always meant compassion.” A few things instantly clicked in my head.

One, that he came to the corner to write this in probably within three or four hours of his mother passing away because it was a new day. Two, a simple act of writing helped him through a life moment. Three, my own mother has passed away, and I connected with him on that level. Four, was to take an action. He had walked off after he wrote it, and I looked down and he was probably 20 feet away. I invited him to come over. At this point we were semi-strangers. I simply offered him a hug and he wept on my shoulder. I explained to him that my own mother had passed away and I knew where he was coming from. He said thank you and he walked off.

There was a fifth thing that happened that was pretty great. Right after I read his statement, all the previous entries on compassion flashed through my head. Sort of like they say your life flashes before your eyes. Literally all the entries that I had read up to that point passed in my head which lead me to act upon what he had written. After that for about half hour there was a tremendous flow of energy. Compassion flowing from head to toe. I witnessed a very tangible, physical feeling of compassion. That was the first time where I could name something like that. In that moment I understood that what I was doing at the corner was beyond me. I became a witness that day. And since then I continue to witness all the things that happen.

To answer your first question, an act of compassion that I had received, someone gave me a very large check out of the blue. And it was unexpected. We finished the Earthbench at the corner and we still needed funding to pay the artist. I sat down with a couple of friends to determine how to go about fundraising close to four thousand dollars.

A couple of months later I am standing at the corner and I am talking to somebody and I notice that another person that I usually talk to is hanging out nearby. And when I’m done with the other person, he asks if I am open to receive a donation. He sits down writes a check and hands it to me. It is five digits. First thing in my head is, “this is the universe at work.” In that moment of receiving that check, I sat in that space of recognition.

Those are the two very memorable moment among hundreds of others that happen at the corner.


youmustactVlad: After hearing so many people’s definitions, what does compassion mean to you right now?

I believe compassion to be recognizing essence. When I first started, my concept of compassion was long, academic and very detailed. A friend suggested to keep it simple. Everything at the perceived level of consciousness can be witnessed through its essence. For example, the essence of being human, part of it is that we require food, air, and shelter. Those things are given to us.

Recognizing that in another human being, leads to a compassionate act of offering food, of remember to eat healthy. Those are all compassionate acts. The essence of being human is love. Recognizing that love is essential. We love ourselves which is a compassionate act and we love others which is a compassionate act.


Inner Conflict – Black and White Wolves

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An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.”It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf will win?”

You might heard the story ends like this: The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

In the Cherokee world, however, the story ends this way:

The old Cherokee simply replied, “If you feed them right, they both win.” and the story goes on:

“You see, if I only choose to feed the white wolf, the black one will be hiding around every corner waiting for me to become distracted or weak and jump to get the attention he craves. He will always be angry and always fighting the white wolf. But if I acknowledge him, he is happy and the white wolf is happy and we all win. For the black wolf has many qualities – tenacity, courage, fearlessness, strong-willed and great strategic thinking – that I have need of at times and that the white wolf lacks. But the white wolf has compassion, caring, strength and the ability to recognize what is in the best interest of all.

“You see, son, the white wolf needs the black wolf at his side. To feed only one would starve the other and they will become uncontrollable. To feed and care for both means they will serve you well and do nothing that is not a part of something greater, something good, something of life. Feed them both and there will be no more internal struggle for your attention. And when there is no battle inside, you can listen to the voices of deeper knowing that will guide you in choosing what is right in every circumstance. Peace, my son, is the Cherokee mission in life. A man or a woman who has peace inside has everything. A man or a woman who is pulled apart by the war inside him or her has nothing.

“How you choose to interact with the opposing forces within you will determine your life. Starve one or the other or guide them both.”

–Cherokee Story

The Law of Attraction – Powerful Meditation Techniques To Manifest Intention

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hand holding treeI recently wrote an article about the Law of Attraction, where I outlined 4 steps in a process of manifesting intent in your life. In this follow up article, I want to give specific ways that you can make your intentions more powerful and real. The more vivid, clear, and concrete your intention is, the quicker and closer the outcome will be to what you imagine.

See yourself in it: When you see yourself inside the scene that you wish to happen, you make it that much more powerful. Imagine seeing yourself in the exact mood, surrounding, and situation that you would like to happen, you can even bring in other people that will help you make this manifestation become reality. Clarity, focus, and realism are key.

Action: When you see the scene happening, try to create action, aliveness, and vividness. If there are people, they can be moving, talking, cheering, smiling. If there are no people, see yourself in motion, get some feeling into this mental movie and make sure you can actually feel the motion in your body, that is one sign that your body is going along with the mental movie.

Focused: Make sure that you clear your mind, before beginning this meditation. A clear mind is able to focus much more then a distracted and scattered one. It is the difference between a lightbulb that scatters light everywhere and a laser beam that hits a small spot with all it’s power – 100′ away from the source. You want your intention to be that focused, and clear so that there can be no doubt or confusion as to what you want to manifest.

Multi-sensory: Because life is perceived through all of the senses, the mental movie should mimic real life as much as possible. Therefore, if your intention is to have the perfect chocolate cake on Thursday, you should be seeing the cake, smelling the cake, tasting the cake. Meanwhile, imagine the feeling of holding that fork in your hand as you bring the first piece to your mouth. The more senses are involved, the stronger the intention will be.

Time: The frequency with which you repeat this meditation will also determine the speed with which it manifests itself. In my own life, if I want to attract something or somebody, I practice this meditation daily until the imaginary outcome becomes the real thing. Running through this exercise for the first time may take a while, but once it is well formed it becomes easy, quick, and much more clear. The power and effect increase dramatically with every repetition similar to practicing any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get.

The Law of Attraction – 4 Steps To Manifest Intention

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I have wanted to study and spread my knowledge of meditation for a long time but it is only recently that I have truly begun to set my intention into manifesting that desire. With a clear intention and firm concentration, results have come quickly and unexpectedly. Approximately four days ago, I accidentally stumbled onto an article about meditation in the Washington Post and discovered that there is a company teaching meditation in corporate environments. Day by day, more e-mails, contacts, and networking opportunities open up and all of this is possible because of the law of attraction and the manifestation of my intention. Recently, a movie titled The Secret explored consciousness research, the nature of reality, and the law of attraction. While I think that the movie did a fantastic job popularizing this notion and bringing it into the popular media’s awareness, there is much that was left out. The law of attraction, “says people’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of it. Essentially “if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it”, but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don’t want means you’ll probably get that too.

Unlike the law of gravity, this law is subjective and its effectiveness is determined by several factors. The focus, concentration, clarity of the goal, ability to achieve the optimal state, and ability to let go will greatly affect the results of the manifestation of intent. I like to think of the law of attraction as a process that we all use, every day, some have greater conscious control over their abilities to manifest and others wield their power unconsciously. Here are the four basic steps that will ensure great success, self-awareness, and effectiveness in manifesting your intention:

4 Steps:

1. Set Intention: First, a focused intention must be determined, without knowing what you want, it is difficult to get it. While this may see obvious, many people have a general idea of what they want but are unable to get a clear and concrete image in their minds. At this stage, it can be helpful to write out or list your intention. For some it is easier to create a story, draw a picture, make a song, or dance. The method does not matter as long as the intention becomes clearly defined and focused.

2. Optimal State Second step in the process is to get into the optimal state – a relaxed body, clear and focused mind are necessary to have best results. There are many techniques, some of which are listed in the techniques section of this website, for achieving this and it is important to be aware of what works for you.

3. Make it Real: The third step is to make the intention convincingly real, vivid, and personal. If you intention is to get a good grade on a test, having achieved the optimal physical and psychological state, begin to feel, see, and hear yourself finishing the test with confidence. Imagine what it would feel like to get the grade you want. What are other people around you saying? What are you saying to yourself? Where are you located and what are you doing, is it bright, dark, loud, quiet? To make it personal, try adding people that can help you or that you greatly admire into the scene. Work and play with the image/movie until it is superbly fine tuned to maximize the “realness” of the intention.

4. Let it Go: Finally, as you hold this perfect/ideal scene of the desired outcome in your mind, imagine letting it go out into the world. By letting it go, you are practicing non-attachment and releasing expectation.

It is important to experiment and be playful with this process to find out what works best for you. My optimal process is to form an image, give it motion, add people, make it larger then life and put myself into the scene as I look down onto it. As I do this, I assess the “realness” of the constructed image by the quality and strength of feelings and sense of movement within my body. This process gives me a sense of power and control over my destiny adding to my self worth, confidence, and ability to succeed in the world.

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The Law of Attraction – Powerful Meditation Techniques To Manifest Intention

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Meditation Techniques: How to Use Visualizations To Your Benefit

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I am reading a good book today, called “Caught Between a Dream and a Job”, and as I sit here and read the lines, “… keep swinging from vine to vine until you land at your dream.” I imagine myself swinging from vine to vine, working my way towards that golden glowing object in the distance. I see this object as the dream, it is vivid, it is real, and it is within my grasp. Just another vine and I am there. Having landed, I look around and I see all the wonderful things that await me in my dream. In this particular situation, it is my dream job and I see it in full color. All of the senses are engaged, sounds, sight, smell, touch, motion and activity enliven the scene. This may be just a day dream to some, but to me, I am creating my future. Actively pursuing and engaging in the creative process that will eventually manifest.

mountains in fogImagery, sometimes called guided visualizations, is a very powerful tool in the meditation arsenal. Seeing an internal cinema makes the experience, and therefore the goal, significantly more real than a floating amorphous thought or abstract concept. A powerful image, in context and connected to the real world, formed in your mind is much more likely to manifest than a hazy, dull, and motionless one. If you are unskilled at making images, practice and rely on the senses that are your strongest suite. Perhaps you are not a particularly visual person but your sense of hearing is very sharp and you experience the world more through your ears then through your eyes. Since none of us are the same, it is difficult to expect everyone to have the same modalities, however, I find that developing an internal cinema is one of the most powerful manifestation tools.

When I first began experimenting with this type of meditation, I was unable to hold onto or vividly perceive an image for more then 5 or 10 seconds. To practice, I started with a simple object, a single candle, and I would stare at it for a while and then close my eyes and hold that image in my mind as long as possible. I did this frequently, for short periods of time throughout the day with other available object and found that I quickly gained the ability to hold a relatively complex image for several minutes without any fading of fuzziness. Over time I have made this mental muscle strong enough to hold complex visual simulations that I can physically experience. You will know that your inner cinema is powerful when a motion image causes physical-bodily sensations of movement.